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Powering your solutions!
THOSCO® Automotive is your reliable partner when it comes to the procurement and delivery of spare parts for European cars or trucks. We deliver a wide range of original spare parts and top-quality reproductions to meet our customers’ requirements, specialising in particular in Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes, MAN, SCANIA and Volvo. You too can profit from our many years of experience and excellent connections to the European automotive parts industry.

We offer you more.
Automotive spare parts of the required quality at competitive prices and reliable delivery times: THOSCO® will always make you a fair offer. What’s more, our own Logistics Division will perfectly organise and supervise any transports, whether by sea or by air.

Why not see for yourself!
If you let us have details of which parts you need and in what numbers, listing the original part or manufacturer's numbers, we will supply what you need as quickly as possible.

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