THOSCO® - Building a bright future on a successful past.

Thode + ScobelLooking back:
The origins of THOSCO® date back to 1896, when Albert Thode founded Albert Thode & Co. in Hamburg. On 2 January 1922, Emil Scobel became a partner. Since then, the company has gone by the name of Thode + Scobel, Hamburg.

In the intervening decades, the name was shortened to THOSCO®. The company has since developed very successfully into an internationally operating trading and service enterprise.
THOSCO® now enjoys an international reputation as a professionally competent and highly qualified trading company specialising in raw materials and technical equipment.

THOSCO® is now represented in more than 60 countries. Customers benefit from the high degree of trust, competence, commitment and expertise shown by our motivated staff.

The name THOSCO® is now a top-value brand that enjoys international renown and stands for quality, reliability and outstanding customer service.

A visionary future:
We are constantly building on our business success. All our activities centre on ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction. Based on our in-house quality management systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, we aim to maintain continuous improvement processes in all business divisions.

Why not make use of our many years of experience and join us on the road to success.

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