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Technical DivisionAre you looking for an expert partner for packaging machines?
Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals products, beverages, dyes, vegetable oils – whatever the product, our machines can solve your packaging problems. The THOSCO® programme includes a comprehensive range of high-quality packaging machines – new or second-hand machines or even complete manufacturing facilities for all sizes of plastic products. What’s more, our ideas for ideal technical solutions are as varied as the products themselves. As regional representatives of such well-known firms as BEKUM and DUBUIT, THOSCO® can supply you with high-quality new or second-hand automatic blow- and injection-moulding, screen printing and filling machines. Our extensive programme also includes machines and equipment for processing plate glass so automotive or safety glass can be produced reliably and safely.

Do you require spare parts?
We reliably supply customers with accessories and spare parts for machinery and equipment in the paper processing, petrochemical, cement, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Our range of services also includes reliable maintenance services for all machines.

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